Summer Reading 2018

Grades 5-12

Please select Summer Reading by grade level for the fall of 2018. Each course has specific books and instructions. Details are included with each list. From the links below, print and complete all requirements. Be sure to note the due date for each assignment.

Please note Honors English IV DE includes Summer Reading and textbook requirements for the fall semester and the spring semester.

Honors English IV DE

Honors English III

Honors  English II

Honors English I

Honors 8th English

Honors 7th Reading

English IV

English III

English II

English I

8th Grade English

7th Grade Reading

6th Grade Reading

5th Grade Reading

5th Grade Reading Camp






Please Note: Summer reading selections are chosen based on literary merit and with high academic standards in mind. The books assigned by the English department at Pillow Academy represent a mix of classic and contemporary literature. Many books address complex situations and may contain adult themes and language. Pillow Academy recognizes that a particular work may be objectionable to a student or parent but further believes that exposure to these literary works far outweighs the benefit of censorship. The attempt to expose students to challenging topics and issues is intended to serve as opportunities for students to think, theorize, question, and explore.


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