Pillow Academy is an independent college preparatory school which approximately 750 to 800 students from a five-county area in and around Greenwood, MS. The school is located on Highway 82 just three miles west of Greenwood on a 58 acre campus, with physical facilities that are modern and practical. Students in kindergarten through high school are offered a diverse combination of academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities.

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Mission Statement
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School Improvement Plan
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Strategic Plan and Goals
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This school began modestly in 1966 under direction of Arthur Button with grades K-8, 145 students, and 8 full-time faculty members.  From 1967-1969 with current Associate Headmaster Bill Davis as Headmaster, Pillow added grades 9 and 10.  In 1969, grades 11 and 12 were begun along with the construction of the new high school building, Hardeman Hall.  Serving as Pillow Academy Headmaster from 1969 -1971, Seth Dillon oversaw the addition of the E. B. Stribling gymnasium.  A student activity/cafeteria building and a study hall were also completed at this time.  While Hoyte Carrothers was Headmaster (1971-76), a band hall was constructed.   Raymond Morgan (1976-81) helped keep Pillow on the move during his tenure.  Headmaster from 1981-94, Tommy Thompson, was instrumental in the addition of several buildings including:  the Sandifer Memorial Library which serves elementary and also includes four classrooms, and a new kindergarten/educational building that houses five classrooms, an art room, a computer lab, a music room, and the ELS lab.  During this period many courses were added to the curriculum.  Headmaster Termie Land (1994-2000) saw the building of the Stewart Patridge Weight Room. He also oversaw the plans for the construction and completion of the Tol Thomas Library/ Media Center that houses a library, study rooms, conference rooms, computer lab/classroom, and the internet hub. A courtyard was also completed at this time in memory of Beth Roberson and Kathryn Pittman.  Plans were also drawn for a new performing arts center.

The next Head of School, Russell Robertson, saw that the old library was renovated into a study hall, and that the work was completed on the Craig Performing Arts Center. Ground breaking began in the fall of 2002 with the opening day in the spring of 2003.  Athletic facilities have been continually upgraded and have grown to be some of the state’s finest.  During the summer of 2002, the Student Activity Building received a face lift with paint, a new air conditioner, and stucco walls.  Three of the entrances to Hardeman Hall were renovated during the summer of 2001.    Upon the retirement of Russell Robertson, the Girls Fastpitch Field was dedicated in recognition of his contributions to Pillow.  Former Headmaster, Termie Land, returned to Pillow in 2006.  Since his return, the Field House construction was completed which houses the football, soccer, and baseball coaching staffs, weights, and dressing rooms.  Stribling Gymnasium dressing areas have also been revamped.  Over the years Pillow has been in the forefront of developing its curriculum which features basic subject matter, advanced placement programs, satellite classes, resource programs, and many extracurricular activities associated with the best of schools. In the Spring of 2010 the Elementary Building was renamed Harper Johnson Hall and our baseball field was renamed Louis Coleman Field.  Mr. Land has also seen the building of the Chazzy Moor Soccer Field, which added a little over 5 acres to our school.  The exterior of the Student Activity Building was remolded and named the Sethi Student Activity Building.   Mr. Land has brought our school to new heights by renovating the halls, ceiling tiles in both Hardeman Hall and Johnson Hall, upgrading over 200 computers, and overseeing the development of a covered walkway and newly resurfaced roads.   In 2012, high school principal, Jay Watts, became the next Head of School at PA. Mr. Watts has overseen the completion of renovations and additions to Johnson Hall.  Technology improvements are key to Mr. Watt’s educational philosophy.  Pillow Academy is thankful to the many donors who allow us to continue to grow and prosper.


Initially Pillow was accredited by the State of Mississippi.  Accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools was achieved in 1978 and when the Mississippi Private School Association began to accredit schools, this level was also added.
2009 School Improvement Plan
SAIS-SACS Accreditation Visit Report
Strategic Plan and Goals


Over the years the enrollment has gone from a high of 1200 in 1970 to its current figure of 775.
Student/Teacher ratios are:
15/1 in grades K through 2
20/1 in grades 3 through 5
18/1 in grades 6 through 12


Seventy-five teachers are employed at the school.Average tenure is 10 years; many have served the school longer.
All teachers take professional courses toward the renewal of their certification and are involved in a staff-development program each year.
Student Achievements:

99% of Pillow students enter college.
Graduates consistently score above the state and national average on ACT scores.
Achievement test scores for grades 1-9 are at or above the 70th percentile.

School Colors:

Green & Gold

School Mascot:


Mission Statement:

Pillow Academy’s mission, as a college preparatory school,
is to educate the whole child in an environment of academic
excellence and Christian values, so that each child is challenged
to grow and mature in knowledge, wisdom, and service.

Statement of Diversity:

Diversity is key to the mission of Pillow Academy. Our school includes people of different races, ethnicities, faiths, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Diversity within our student body has a direct impact on the depth and quality of classroom discussions and instruction.

Pillow Academy will continue its commitment to include diversity among the students and staff along with their perspectives into curriculum and activities.

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