Faculty and Staff

Pillow Academy  2019-2020 Faculty & Staff


Rodney Brown, Head of School

Sulee Blansett, Elementary Principal

Mike Beagle, Athletic Director/Science/Athletics

Durwin Carpenter, Athletic Director/Athletics

Administrative Staff

Jamie Bledsoe, Business Manager

Gearldine DeLoach, Guidance Counselor (Grades 11-12)

Amber Eatherly, Administrative Assistant

Melanie Farmer, Computer Operations/Library

Catherine Fisher, Director of Admissions

Jane Hart Hargett, School Information Systems/Web Page

Jeff Jones, Campus Director of Facility Operations

Shelia Tolbert, Elementary Administrative Assistant

Pam Tribble, Receptionist

Mary Courtney Wilson, Guidance Counselor (Grades 6-10)

Kathy B. Woodson, Bookkeeper

Shawna Young, Director of Development


Melinda Allen, Kindergarten: 4 Year Old

Stephanie Avant, Elementary Computer

John Banusiewicz, Science

Denise Barnes, 3rd Grade

Jonathan Beasley, Science

Anna Bellipanni, 1st Grade

Connie Black, Elementary Music

Marietta Branch, Science –  Department Head

Hannah Branson, Science

Romney Brock, English/Journalism-Paper –  Department Head

Allison Calhoun, 1st Grade

Kathy Clark, Math –  Department Head

Angie Crick Cole, Art

Amy Coleman, Athletics

Ellen Mae Coleman, Reading/English

Terri Crick, Middle School Resource

Shea Crowder, 2nd Grade

Heather Garrard, Kindergarten: 4 Year Old

Laura Gore, 1st Grade

Chad Hankins, Math/Athletics

Jenni Hargett, English

Jennifer Hernandez, Foreign Language – Spanish

Mignon Hodges, Computer Science/Athletics

Matt Hudson, Social Studies/Athletics

Heather Johnson, Social Studies –  Department Head

Delina Jones, Kindergarten

Betty Gail Kalich, Kindergarten: 5 Year Old

Mary Taylor Killebrew, Kindergarten: 5 Year Old

Laurie Lindsey, 3rd Grade

Jan Locke, Kindergarten: 4 Year Old

Anna Makamson, English

Tripp McCarty, Athletics

Bethany McCollum, 2nd Grade, Dyslexia Program

Terri McDaniel, 4th Grade/5th Grade Science

Mike McLendon, Social Studies/Athletics

Airrin Metz , Athletics

Dot Miller, Sandifer Elementary Library

Kara Naron, Kindergarten

Meagan Nix, English/Athletics

Brooke Nokes, 1st Grade

Laura Oakes, Elementary PE

Lisa Pannell, Kindergarten: 5 Year Old

Meghan Peden, 3rd Grade

Jim Phillips, Bible

John Pielemeier, Athletics

Brandi Pillow, English

Donna Pittman, 2nd Grade

Wes Prather, Athletics

Jan Pullen, Elementary Resource

Merrit Reichle, Athletics

Cathy Roberts, Drama

Jennifer Roden, 5th Grade Math

Nick Serio, History/Athletics

Elizabeth Sevier, 4th Grade Math

Serafin Simon, Athletics

Holly Ann Singh, Athletics

Charles Staten, Math

Caroline Strawbridge, Kindergarten: 5 Year Old

David Taylor, Elementary Art

Mary Clare Taylor, Elementary PE

Morgan Taylor, 5th Grade Reading/Language

Jud Thigpen, History/Athletics

Kori Castle Thigpen, English

Bobby Tolbert, Math/Athletics

Gwen Toomey, 4th Grade/5th Grade Social Studies

Janna Travis, 4th Grade Reading and English

Adrian Tribble, ELS

Kim Turner, Kindergarten 4 Year Old

Neil Turner, Social Studies/Athletics

Millie Vemer, Math

Bobby Whittington, Science/Band

Rima Williams, Kindergarten: 5 Year Old

Marcy Wuestenhoefer, Dance

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Pillow Academy 2019 Teachers of the Year:

Middle/High School-  Kathy Clark
Elementary-  Gwen Toomey

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June 18th 2020 at 1:00pm

Senior Awards Day and Class Day

June 19th 2020 at 6:00pm

Graduation: Class of 2020

June 28th 2020 at 12:00am

No Activities: June 28th – July 4th

October 14th 2020 at 7:45am


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