Bob Hardeman Distinguished Award

Bob Hardeman Distinguished Mustang Award

The Bob Hardeman Distinguished Mustang Award was created in honor of the hard work and dedication that Steele and Bob Hardeman have shown to Pillow Academy. They have given unselfishly of their time, talent and treasure to ensure that Pillow Academy is an outstanding school now and in the future. The Hardeman Distinguished Mustang Award is given to someone who has sustained interest and involvement with Pillow Academy. The recipient of this award may or may not be an alum. This individual is recognized for their vision, skill, and commitment for their past and continued contributions for the betterment of Pillow Academy.

2018 Bob Hardeman Distinguished Mustang Award

Mr. David Lott

Mr. David Lott has been named as the recipient of the 2018 Bob Hardeman Distinguished Mustang Award.  Mr. Lott has played an important part in the history of Pillow Academy.  He is a CPA with the Taylor, Powell, Wilson and Hartford accounting firm in Greenwood.

Since the 1990s, he has served on the school board as well as the endowment board and was instrumental in setting up 501-C-3 status for tax-deductible donations.  Mr. Lott’s wife, Sally, taught art at PA for many years.  Both of his daughters graduated from Pillow Academy in the ‘90s.  He now has 3 grandchildren in high school at Pillow.

Mr. Lott has deep roots at our school.  Besides serving on various boards and committees, he is a Mustang Fan – Green & Gold through and through.  He has supported girls and boys in every sport for many, many years.  He just loves Pillow Academy! And he has an outstanding record of service to Pillow.

Congratulations Mr. David Lott!

The Bob Hardeman Award Nomination Form

Bob Hardeman Distinguished Mustang Award Recipients:

2018 – Mr. David Lott
2017 – Mrs. Mona Nash
2016 – Honoring all recipients at PA’s 50 Year Celebration
2015 – Mrs. Celeste Bush
2014 – Mrs. Ann Litton
2013 – Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Melton, Jr.
2012 – Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sturdivant, Sr.
2011 – Dr. James V. Ferguson, Jr.
2010 – Mrs. Clare Dale
2009 – Dr. John Fair Lucas, Jr.
2008 – Mr. Ellett Lawrence


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