Senior Information

Information for the Class of 2021

Timeline for Seniors

Senior Ad Form and Deadlines for 2020-2021 yearbook

Academic Information:

College Days: Two college days are allowed for the seniors. College Day Guidelines have been emailed to seniors and their parents. Seniors must notify their teachers prior to taking a college day.  A student must obtain all class assignments and take any tests prior to college day.  Students are responsible for obtaining any class notes or school information that was presented on the day he or she missed. This information is included in the College Day Guidelines.

The purposes of college days are:

  • To assist a student in selecting a college
  • To meet with college admission counselors for procedures for college applications, housing, etc.
  • To meet with financial aid counselors for information and assistance concerning scholarships and financial aid
  • To meet with college athletic coaches in regards to playing a college sport

These For these days to be excused , the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Schedule the College Day with the counselor
  • Return the Parent Permission Form at least 1 day prior to the college day
  • When returning to school the day following a college day, return the College Visitation Form that has been signed bya college representative verifying the visit

Please contact Mrs. Gearldine DeLoach for more information: 662-453-1266 or

Yearbook and Ad information

Senior Ad Form and Due Dates – click for form and deadlines

Senior Ads – purchased by TBA
All senior ads must be purchased online:    Order #281

Baby Picture & Quote – TBA
Turn in to  Mrs. Nix.  This picture is not the same as the “Ad” picture.  Please specify this as the Senior’s baby picture and please make certain a quote is also turned in at this time.

Senior Ad Pictures – TBA
Photos that are to be placed on your ad must be turned in by the deadlines listed.  Please do not cut your pictures.  The annual staff will crop and edit for you.  All pictures need to be labeled on the back with your senior’s name and in a “Ziploc” bag. Your pictures will be returned.  You may also scan your pictures and submit them on a disk or email them to

Senior Formal & Casual Photos – TBA
Senior Pictures must be taken by a specific date. (1 formal at Lamb’s and 1 casual).  If the casual picture was taken elsewhere, please notify the photographer to send a high resolution picture to Mrs. Nix

Senior Fees

Senior Fees Include:

  • Senior T-shirts (2)
  • Service Projects
  • Mystery Dinner Party
  • Tacky Christmas Party
  • Senior Play
  • Prom Day Lunch/Fun Day
  • Prom Presentation
  • Senior Picnic
  • Class Day/Baccalaureate Decorations
  • Graduation Refreshments and Decorations
  • Graduation Mystery Trip

Senior Fees Do Not Include:

  • Yearbook/Senior Ads in Yearbook
  • Cap and Gowns
  • Graduation invitations
  • Senior Portraits
  • Any Senior Parties given by Family/Friends
  • Homecoming Picnic

July 8th 2020 at 8:00am

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