Who’s Who Jr. High

2018 Who’s Who Jr. High

Mr. & Miss PA Jr. High: Nelson Hodges and Hallie Bryant
Most Athletic: Nelson Hodges and Sarah Presley Howard
Most Intellectual: Christopher Winter and Dia Chawla
Wittiest: George Wade Mohamed and Ann Warner Bond
Friendliest: Trip Jones and Maggie Jennings
Best Personality: Juan Carlos Hernandez and Lillian Harvey
Cutest: Walker Wood and Lola Ricketts
Most Courteous: Justin Hausner and Kaylee Blaylock

8th Favorites: Nelson Hodges and Lillian Harvey
7th Favorites: Hayes Bennett and Emily Holmes
6th Favorites
: Preston Blaylock and Tavi Layne Johnson

Enthusiastic 8th Graders: Eli Steen and Maggie Jennings
Spirited 7th Graders: John Ross Jackson and Abby Alderman
Silliest 6th Graders: John Riley Poe and Mikayla Elliott

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