Who’s Who

2019 Who’s Who

Mr. & Miss Pillow Academy: Mari-Brian Crick & Sunjay Chawla
Most Beautiful & Most Handsome: Mari-Brian Crick & Breck Bolin
Most Athletic: Jane Rob Pannell & Lake Giachelli
Most Intellectual:  Mari-Brian Crick & Sunjay Chawla
Friendliest: Catherine Grace Lary & Floyd Melton
Wittiest: Sara Beth Steen & Thomas Burrus
Most Creative: Claire Coleman & Porter Spell
Best Personality: Deren Meek & Cole Tyler
Beauties & Beaus:  Claire Coleman & Lake Giachelli
Beauties & Beaus:  Callie Galey & Floyd Melton
Beauties & Beaus:  Catherine Grace Lary & Sunjay Chawla
Beauties & Beaus:  Anna Claire Harris & Cole Tyler

12th Favorites: Mari-Brian Crick & Lake Giachelli & Cole Tyler
11th Favorites: Kenzie Turner & Shane Houston Stephens
10th Favorites: Caroline Brock and Bobby Bennett
9th Favorites: Emma Kate Wallace & Nelson Hodges
Sophisticated Seniors: Kate Harding Mattox & Sunjay Chawla
Jiviest Juniors: Peyton Mann & Josh Moor
Sizzlin’ Sophomores: Anne Craig Melton & Christian Belk
Fired Up Freshmen: Maggie Jennings & Trip Jones

Pictures will be posted of all students as soon as possible.
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